Friday, December 12, 2008

New Job Center, New Blog! Welcome!

The first thing I noticed when I walked into the Livermore Public Library was that it was unlike any library that I had ever seen. The state-of-the-art building was enormous, the staff was extremely enthusiastic and helpful, computers were everywhere, they had an in-house cafĂ©, and it was bustling with activities! For a moment I thought I had entered the wrong building. But I hadn’t, and after working here for a couple of months now I am even more impressed with their innovative programming, updated technology, and their focus on providing support and resources to the community in any form they can.

Obviously, part of their new innovative programming was adding on the Free2Succeed Job Center program. I must say, it was my dream job to be able to help the general public by providing free services and I’ve definitely found that here! Since we began at the end of October this year I’ve advised over 60 clients, and our job seeker events have had up to 81 people attending them! I’ve met with a variety of community members, from high school students seeking help finding their first job or choosing a major, to currently employed scientists looking for ideas on how improve their networking skills to land their next project. Every day is a different day, and nothing is more rewarding than hearing patrons’ success stories and getting referrals because our services were helpful!

In today’s economy the need for career-related services seems dire. With layoffs and business closings around every corner, staggering unemployment rates, and lowering wages seemingly everywhere, it’s important that individuals at all career levels seek assistance to “up their game” in the world of work. If your pipes break, you call a plumber, right? Well, when your career needs a fix, you can get professional help too, and thanks to the library it’s FREE!

Right now we’ve already begun adding on workshops, special programs, monthly Employer Meet & Greet Nights (our mini job fairs), free one-on-one career advising sessions, and many new resources including books, DVDs, and databases. Coming in 2009, we’ll have a host of new programs including some networking groups! Feel free to let me know any programs or topics you’d like to see covered, or any other suggestions you may have for the Job Center. I can be reached at or by phone at (925) 373-5500 x5595.

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